Zemaitis 19XX E/G 6st CUSTOM

日本人の妻とともに、来日したKentのBluesギタリスト、Les Wright氏のオーダー品。190センチ以上の長身の彼らしく、大きめのボディーと太いネック。飾り気はいらないからと、ブラック&シルバーに徹したデザインは、女性的なトニーの作風にあって、数少ない体育会系のレイアウトだ。






Made for blues guitarist Les Wright from Kent, who visited Japan with his Japanese wife. Big body and thick neck suited to the tall (over 190cm) client. He wanted it with no frills, black and silver all the way, one of the rarest Spartan designs. Trompe-l'oeil double mount rings, a discreet luxury. 2 Kent Armstrong humbuckers, specially "blues" finish (sic). The only attractive accent in this inorganic configuration is the red top small switch, used on the BC Rich guitars. Current owner, Mr. Hoshino, added a rod cover and an engraved tailpiece by Danny.